Bolica New Brand

Bolica New Brand

By: Raz Egypt

When Mr. Ahmed Abdallah came to our agency requesting for a new identity for his company which named “ bolica” and that was strange but unique name for a web-design company we immediately started with studying the name and the other competitors in the same field. And after a brain-storming session we have decided to start right away with making our creative based on the name itself “ bolica” mixing it with the base that this company is a web design company. We have reached a lot of ideas and after a study of them we have settled on one or two of them, after the results and presentation we have chosen this final one, and lets start describing the logo concept.


The background shape was based on the web brackets ( < > ) to describe the main work of this company which is web development which depends on coding , that uses these brackets in most of work>


The second base is the litter “B” of the word “ Bolica” and mixing it with the Arabic letter “ب” which is equivalent to “B” in Arabic language>


The mix itself clearly contains the whole word of “ bolice “ making a unique and magical mix with a minimal use of letters .

So and after this journey we finally get the final result which we wish to be a great new start for our loveable customer Mr. Ahmed Abdallah.

Thanks Raz Egypt

Raz is a moderate company always seeking for everything new about designing and advertising and internet marketing and how this can affect the company in all fields and increase the customers by a strategy that all major worldwide companies and organization are working with it, we are just looking for perfection In this globally integrated economy, midsize businesses need to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Razegypt understand your challenges and needs — we’ve created specific products and solutions designed to help growing companies like yours work more productively and profitably to succeed.

Finally thank you Moatz

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I`m a UX Designer, Web Designer, UI Developer and SEO Specialist based in Alexandria, Egypt . I’m lucky because I really love what I do. I am currently work as Co-Founder of Alexandria Web Designers.

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